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GoodReads, anyone? And books in general...

I was just thinking... How many of you people here are on GoodReads? (If you don't know, this is a website for listing books, reviewing them, viewing books that your friends have listed etc.) And would you be interested in a group created there around Elisabeth and her family? I thought that would be a handy way to organize a bookshelf of all related books, and perhaps discuss them. Of course we can also discuss them here, but there may be people who are on GoodReads but not on LJ (or at least not joining/discussing in communities) who would also like to join. Anyway, the group bookshelf thing would seem like a handy way of organising an extensive list of books that may be worth reading on the subject.

There is a (very small) group on Habsburgs there but they have very little on Sisi, and I at least am not so much of a general Habsburg fan; likewise there's a group on European royalty, but it seems more focused on other countries than Austria. So an actual Sisi & family group would also be good, I think. So, I'm just wondering if I'd have at least some people joining it if I created one, that's why I'm asking here first. I know some of the members are there, and there may be some I'm not aware of, but of course I don't know how many would be interested in such a group.

I'm also wondering if we should have a special book thread here, where we could post recommendations of books, discuss them etc. That would be a good place where to direct people who wonder what they should read. I guess we can have both that and a GoodReads group.

Finally, I posted some pictures of Elisabeth's children and people connected to them in the picture thread. I might also soon post a few more pics of Sisi that haven't yet been posted. (Edited to add: did that already.)
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