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Sissi TV movie coming up?

someone told me another Sissi movie is being made for German TV. does anyone know anything about this?
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May 30 2009, 22:05:47 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  May 30 2009, 22:06:03 UTC

Yeah, that's true. It's a German/Austrian/Italian co-production and currently filming in Vienna. I don't think there's any English information about it, though. I could link some German articles if anyone's interested.
ooo~ very cool~! I hope I'm able to watch it somehow....
I'd be interested in those articles! O.o

(If it hasn't been too horribly long, that is...)
An Italian actress, Cristiana Capotondi, will play Sisi. They've published a few photos already, just google a bit to find them. So far I like CC as the new Sisi, she looks good as Elisabeth.
thanks for letting me know!
Any more updates?