John (tokugawa) wrote in kaiserin_sisi,

Lucky Find: Coronation Portrait

I was lucky enough to find a painting of the Hungarian Coronation:


Every time I see the painting, the song "Éljen" from the Musical would get into my head.
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Oh yes, that's lovely. I think the original of this painting is in Gödöllö, at least I've seen it there. Andrássy's super-fancy clothing entertains me. FJ somehow doesn't seem at home in the Hungarian-style uniform. :D
So how is Gödöllö? Will there be more replica's(or originals), of Sisi related portraits there?

Andrássy's super-fancy clothing entertains

Methinks its the florescent yellow, ;)
Yes, there are lots of portraits and photos I haven't seen anywhere else, not even in books. Perhaps they can be found in Hungarian Sisi picture books because they're located here, but I haven't seen them in others.

It's a lovely place, well worth a visit. I didn't have time to visit the gardens the last time, but already the palace itself is awfully beautiful and charming. I'm not surprised Elisabeth preferred it to the grandiose Schönbrunn and Hofburg, it seemed much more like a place to live in while still being beautiful and imperial.