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Sisi Related Videos

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I've loved that first video ever since I discovered it last year. I find it very beautiful.

I'll have to take a look at the Documentary even though I don't know Japanese. :)
The first video is one of my favorites since its one of my first videos in order for me to learn about the real Sisi ever since being intrigued by the Musical and reading more about her via Sisi Web.

The videos do help but hopefully I'll get my hands on books about her really soon.
That first video is so lovely! I hadn't watched it for a while, thanks for reminding me of it by linking to it. :)

I didn't have energy to watch all of the Japanese document so far because I don't understand any Japanese. But just saying with regards to something that was discussed on that video... Sylvester Levay does live in Schönbrunn, according to someone I know who has interviewed him. Some parts of the palace are apparently rented out as private apartments, and he lives there. Not that I envy him or anything!
That first video is so lovely! I hadn't watched it for a while, thanks for reminding me of it by linking to it. :)

You're welcome, :D!

The Japanese documentary is very interesting just to look at Schönbrunn(which is one of the places I want to see along with the Château de Versailles since both are very lovely), and that's very interesting about Sylvester living in there as well, :D!
Seems we've been thinking similar thoughts for just today I was re-watching some Sisi0related videos and thought of creating a special topic!

I've seen the first video and the 1st part of the Japanese documentary, and was glad to see there's a second part, thanks!

The first video is actually a compiliation of all the scenes with the actress used in the documentary about Elisabeth's life which is available in Vienna souvenier shops ("Elisabeth: die raetselhafte Kaiserin". I expected more of the DVD, but it still features some interesting aspects).

I found these two videos some time ago, and watched again today, beautifully done:

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the most popular Winterhalter portrait with diamond stars (probably because for the very reason that it's been popularized so much), but the video seems to relate its beauty as still untainted by all this popularisation.