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New here

Hi, I've been lurking here a couple of weeks after I found this page searching for some information on Elisabeth of Austria, and now I decided to join for I really need someone to discuss Elisabeth and her family with, and the musical of course!

It's a long story how I got obsessed with Elisabeth and all things related, for geting to know about her did not lead to an obsession at once, but well, now it has lasted half a year and during this time I read her short biography and lots of articles on the internet  (and look forward when my friend returns me the Brigitte Hamann bio which I lent to her actually before reading it myself!), listened to various versions of musical a thousand of times and went to Vienna for a week this August visiting various Sisi-related sites!

I am now reading "Sisi: Ein Traum von Liebe" ("Sisi: A dream about love") by Gabriele Marie Cristen, and I find it good, for though a fictionalized version of course, it avoids clichees and describes Sisi as a human person and you really sympathyse with her, though she's not ideal.

I hope my schedule allows to post here regularly, and I'll also be joining the book group on Goodreads, for I have some books to comment on :-)

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