Valancy (valancystar) wrote in kaiserin_sisi,

Community issues

Looks like we've got ourselves a spammer below. It's probably best to just ignore that for now - and hey, someone say it if you know of a way to get rid of spam when there is no maintainer around. The maintainer of this community hasn't been on LJ for ages, and I was wondering for how long we'd get by. I've sent her a PM asking her to make someone who is active into a second maintainer so that spammers could be removed, and community otherwise edited when necessary (it'd be cool to be able to add tags and to edit the profile, for example to add links to the picture thread and the like). If she no longer uses that e-mail address or doesn't remember her LJ password or something, and she can't do this, then I guess we should discuss what to do. Unmoderated communities are not good, but I don't know how to make anyone else a moderator in this situation unless the existing moderator does it. But for now, let's wait for a bit.

By the way, check out the picture thread again - seek_shangrila just added lots of wonderful pictures there, most of which I'd never seen before. I mean to add some pictures of Elisabeth's children, but I think I'll wait until the practical problems of the community are solved.
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